PFM is the place for us! An amazingly welcoming group of people,
fantastic childrens ministry, engaging pastors and staff,
and a “living” outreach and missions program.
— Rodney Brooks

We value 3 core principles of spiritual formation; to Gather, to Group, and to Go. We believe that at the youngest age, kids are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that God prepared in advance for them to do.


We focus on adult leaders building relationships with students while we engage them in the truth of the gospel.


Our desire is for you to be transformed inside and out to be more like Jesus. We believe that this is best done, not alone, but in community with others as we participate together in three ways. Gather in Worship, Group in Small Group & Discipleship, and Go in Serving our community here, near and far.

“Newcomers feel welcome when first walking in the door. pfmChurch is filled with good people, great music & biblical teaching.”
— Gayle



The early church was comprised of groups. People understood that being part of a community was the best way to know Jesus. The same is true today. At pfm, we encourage your spiritual formation through three avenues: GATHER on Sunday for worship, GROUP in a small group or class to learn and connect, and GO, as an act of service, here, near, or far.


There are many missions opportunities available.